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Main Website Dots "Toy/Widget" Background Issue


The animated dots on the main L1T Websites background have an issue that has been annoying me for a long time as I like playing with them.

You can spawn more dots by clicking on the space where they move around and they link together and fling or absorb each other. But it does not work correctly when you scroll the main page. So you can only correctly use about half of the page which is far less fun. All the things to read and browse are further down and there the dots still pawn when you click the space but they spawn way off the bottom of the viewable area not where near in sync with the page.

Is the a bug or something one of my extensions is breaking, I use smooth scrolling addon in chrome so it could be that, only really thought of that just now.




IIRC what they use is an OSS project called node-garden. At least that’s what analyzing the page resource loading shows.