Main card running slower then slave card

i have 2x Sapphire Radeon R9 280x video card both are overclocked edition core clock 1050 and memory 1500 but for some reason one card is running at core clock 900 memory 1500

so im wondering is this normal b.c the new/used card i bough off ebay no matter what i do put it first or have it as a slave card it runs at 900mhz core clock its been bugging me for a while now

I've actually had similar issues before with my Asus 280X's. When overclocking sometimes one card would stay at default clocks and not synchronize. There are a couple things you can do to fix this. One is to make sure your cards are updated to the same BIOS. I noticed voltage differences between my cards before updating them to the same BIOS. The second is to manually adjust the clocks to the same level using MSI Afterburner. If you're not familiar with that software it is a overclocking utility that allows for manual adjustment of clock speeds, voltages, etc. By default the utility will synchronize both cards to the same clocks. So changing 1 should change the other, and get them running the same. Set them to 1050 and you should be good to go. Afterburner has built in monitoring software to check that the clocks are synced, so run a benchmark (I like Unigine Valley), and check to see that the max clocks are the same. If that doesn't work try setting the clocks on each card individually, and retest. Hopefully that will help you out, and feel free to let me know if you have any further questions as I'm glad to help.

i tryed what you said in the CCC software but everytime i start a game it crashs idk if afterburner will help the crashing problem when in games but the vcore setting in afterburner is locked so im out of luck with changing that lol

Yeah CCC has never worked well for me for any type of manual clocks. You can unlock the Vcore and other settings in the "advanced settings" of Afterburner, as soon as you agree that using such settings irresponsibly could damage your card. This should get you full access, and I suggest turning off "Graphics Overdrive" in CCC as that could cause conflicts with Afterburner.

i have no idea how to set up afterburner to unlock the core voltage

Opening the settings (Gear icon on main screen) should give you this menu. From there you can click the necessary boxes to unlock controls (Such as "unlock voltage control").

ya sorry no luck just doesnt want to unlock the core voltage for me maybe its locked in the bios on my cards

Hmmm damn. I suggest trying the TriXX OC software from Sapphire then. I've never run into a card Afterburner couldn't handle, but there's a first time for everything. TriXX will likely give you BIOS info on your cards as well. Unfortunately I don't actually have experience with that software though, but that's where I'd try next.

i downloaded trixx and i am able to set my vddc now and i noticed with my slave card the vddc is set to 1225 and my main card is vddc is at 1100 so thats a huge jump but im going to test now with both cards at 1020 1500 and 1225

Oh wow that's a pretty massive difference, but as long as it's giving you full control you should have no problem matching everything up or overclocking you want since from my experience overclocking to 1150mhz on a 280X is no big deal.

ya but getting the main card to the factory overclock is all i wanted to do i did a benchmark on them and work flawlessly but my score was lower which is weird

Yeah, that's weird. As long as both are running at 1050mhz core and 1500mhz memory it should be increasing than before with the mismatched clocks. I'm at a loss for what would cause that to be lower as long as the specs are right.

who nows i will check more in to it tommorrow im just glad my clocks are matched up properly now