Maidsafe Announces Code Bounty Program

A week or two ago I made a post talking about the Maidsafe network. Since that post the Devs with that project have announced a code bounty program to coincide with the latest development sprint. I think that this project is something that could and should resonate with our community here on Tek Syndicate. It is a truly open Internet that is driven by bleeding edge encryption models for secure cloud storage ( among many other possibilities ) I know alot of you out there are talented coders and would like to be part of something that could really change the Internet. ( not to mention you can now get paid to help with this opensource project.) Plus there is a crypto currency component for all you coin heads.

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MaidSafe will publish tasks at the start (and potentially during) a development sprint. These tasks will be listed in Jira where anyone with a Jira ID will be able to claim and start a task. The tasks will be fully specced out by the maintainer of that library whose e-mail address is published in that library’s GitHub readme. If you feel the task description is not clear then you should contact the library maintainer prior to accepting the task in Jira. The fact that it is not clear could be a sign that it isn’t well suited to your skill set. Here is a rundown of the terms:

The terms

Participation will be on a first come first serve basis
The bounty only applies to open Jira tasks identified by the MaidSafe team
The developer that claims the task will be given a sufficient amount of time to complete it. For example, a task that is scheduled for 8 points (around 8 hours work) should be completed in one day. However, if a GitHub pull request is not received at the end of this period, or the task is not correct (doesn’t pass tests/ other task requirements as specified in the task description), it will be made available to the rest of the community. We will need to be strict about timescales and work quality to avoid delays
All submissions should take the form of a GitHub pull request
If the task is complete (meets the spec and passes all tests ((including coverage)), MaidSafe will pay the bounty (in bitcoin) to the successful developer
Each contributor agrees to the terms of the MaidSafe Contributor Agreement
MaidSafe’s core development team and employees are not eligible for rewards
The rewards

$20 per story point (paid in bitcoin only). Story points are used by MaidSafe to estimate task timescales
1 story point is typically calculated to be around 1 hours work
The reward will be paid on the merge of a contributors pull request to a btc account of their choosing. We would also donate the bounty to the preferred charity (one that accepts bitcoin) of the developer should they prefer. Contributors should enter the bitcoin address they would like the bounty paid to into the pull request description field
An exclusive and limited SAFE Network core dev t-shirt (this is a one off reward and is limited to one shirt per developer)
The developers name added to the main SAFE Network repositories