Magni And Modi?

Does anyone have any experience or feedback on this dac and amp pair from Schiit, I'm curious because I want to gain better quality sound than my current soundcard. If anyone has any information regarding this sweet piece of hardware I'd gratefully appreciate it! 

The Magni + Modi is probably the best dac/amp combo in that price range. I have the Modi myself, and can confirm that it's an order of magnitude better then onboard audio, though I can't tell you how it stacks up against the Odac, it's main competition, as I've never used one. If you want a 3.5mm output however, you will need to look elsewhere, as the Modi's only output is RCA. Also, I needed to uninstall my onboard audio drivers in order for the Modi to work properly, however I've never heard of anyone else having this issue.

The Magni is also a very solid product, It has the power to drive very high impedance cans, and is very well made, It in all likelihood will be the last desktop amp you will ever need to buy. The only caveats are if you are using very easy to drive cans, you may need to use software volume adjustment, and it's only imputs are RCA, so you will need the Modi, another dac that has RCA out, or an adapter to use it.

Well in that case what would you consider to be low impedance, because I'm new to the audiophile scene so I've there are REALLY high impedance cans like 600 ohm but that sounds ridiculous. Anyways thank you for the output and I hope they're as good as you say because I'm really considering getting a pair.

 The impedance rating of headphones are not necessarily an absolute indicator of how much power they need, though it is a good barometer to get a general idea. The most reliable method of determining how hard headphones are to drive is to look at reviews and see what hardware the author recommends be used with the headphones. What cans do you have now?


If you have a dedicated sound card then I wouldn't. If your dedicated sound card isn't loud enough, then I'd buy the set. What kind of cans are you operating? Rule of thumb is to buy your headphones first.

Actually that's the worst way to look at it. 


You can solve it with math. Look at the sensitivity of the headphone, that'll be nearly the most important thing. Impedance isn't really the issue.

Well I'm currently working with a pair of V-Moda crossfade lp2. I've been seeking for better sounding audio because I feel that the headphones can output better sound its just a matter of a better method? Because I've watched the video that logan and the guy from mayflower electronics posted about soundcards and I'm thinking that my soundcard may just amplify the sound and not create a richer sound.

*Trying to hold back so many schiit puns,* according to Linus they sound exactly like odac/objective2, however this is not helpful if you have not tried the objective 2 amp/dac.

There are several comparisons at Head-Fi on the M&M versus the Objective combo. A lot of people couldn't hear a difference audibly. It's ultimately up to you. I haven't seen any measurements of the M&M besides for the ones Schiit includes so I'm a bit weary of the M&M, in comparison to the O2 which has measurements from a lot of people. It's basically whichever one you're more comfortable with or can afford.