Magnetic screwdrivers okay for use with computer parts?

Hello, this is my first post here on the forums, and I have a pretty noobish question ! I'll be building my first gaming PC this fall, and I was just going over the tools I have for the job when I noticed my screw drivers are all magnetic. Will this be a problem when constructing the PC ? I obviously don't want to mess any components up, so I'm just double checking ! 



They are safe. I use them all the time tbh. The magnetic screw drivers aren't strong enough to do any harm

Okay, thanks ! 

  There appears to be 2 schools of thought on this situation. Some say no way and others say it is OK. Myself, I have used a magnetic screwdriver on every computer I have worked on and built. Today’s computers have enough shielding around any delicate components that I have never had a problem. Now, that being said, I always make sure I am careful about where the screwdriver goes. I put the screw on the end and go straight for the place the screw needs to go. If I drop a screw on the board itself I use a pair of hospital vascular clamps to retrieve it. A good size pair or tweezers will do the same thing. This is the experience I have had and I am sure others will contradict me but this is what I have done with no problems. I do use an anti-static wrist strap as a static charge will defiantly do serious damage to a motherboard. Hope this has been of some help.  

I will definitely be careful about where I'm poking the screwdriver ! :) Thanks for the tips !