Magical Sleep Technology, Sea Taxis, & 3D Printable Metal | Viva Technology 2016 | Tek Syndicate

We check out some more future technologies in Paris.

Can strapping a strange device to your head actually help you get better sleep? Check out the video for that. Also, we look at a hovering water taxi, 3D printable titanium, and a few other things. Check out the video.

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How long would it take to print a Terminator endoskeleton?

Really interested in the sleep headset, due to my medicinal cannibus consumption I lose out on having dreams almost every night (well, you always have them, just don't remember). A bit pricey at $300, but I think I'm willing to try it out once I get the cash.

Sea Taxi ... electric vehicle and using the water ways to get people around quicker in daily life is awesome. Also the 3D printable metal = just WOW! See I don't think all tech out there is bad.