Mageia - Installing Silverlight (Pipelight)

Okay so I signed up for NowTV and you need dam silverlight for it, It would seem its picked due to the DRM features, I believe flash can do this, but I am unsure of the state of HTML5, why they picked Silverlight over even flash I will never know as its not longer supported. But do not fret, I have a solution!

We shall install Silverlight or better version called Pipelight and then fake our browser to fool the site into thinking we are on Windows. Just copy and paste the commands into your terminal :)

First add repos - sudo urpmi.addmedia "Pipelight 64-bit" and sudo urpmi.addmedia "Pipelight 32-bit"

Both of these repos must be added, the Pipelight is a 32bit program by default, so add both :)

Use wget to get the release key - wget Then we import it - rpm --import Release.key

Update your system - sudo urpmi.update -a Follow up with installing Pipelight - sudo urpmi pipelight Then add the silverlight plugin - sudo pipelight-plugin --update

Then run the Silverlight enabler - pipelight-plugin --enable silverlight

This was only tested in Chromium with User Agent Switcher (I fake as IE9 for better silverlight support)

The addon is from Glenn Wilson -

I have yet to get this working in Arch linux propperly, you can build from AUR or Pacman, I will leave the official install information here -

I hope this helps, I believe it will enable most DRM content such as IPlayer (I think thats native now) also Netflix and 4OD without the old firefox hack.