Made my First Youtube Tech Video

Hi Everyone,

I just made my first Youtube tech video and I figured you all know what you're talking about so this would be a good place to post it and maybe get some feedback or ignite a discussion. The timing ended up being perfect because just as the upload finished I noticed that Tek Syndicate had uploaded episode 114 of "The tek" which discusses recent AMD developments.


This as a very well done video, and I couldn't agree with you more. My first computer had an Athlon 64x2 in it and it blew Intel's pentium D series out of the water. Then conroe came out and Intel never looked back. I would love to see AMD compete with Intel in the high end sector again. With the high end sector basically at a stand still, we are also seeing little innovation in the mainstream sector. Think about how far cpu architechture came from 2006 (the last time AMD held the performance crown) to 2011. We saw Intel go from the Pentium D to the core i7 and released two game changers in the form of conroe and nehalem, and sandy bridge was a pretty strong tock as well. But the last tock we got from intel was Haswell, and that was pretty disappointing. AMD basically threw in the towel in the high end segment when the released bulldozer. If AMD can once again be a thorn in Intel's side, the consumer can only win.

It would be great to get to a point where upgrading more frequently is worth it. Right now I can't see a reason for someone with a high end sandy bridge to upgrade to Haswell. Sure, it would cost more if we had to upgrade often but I'd rather have an empty wallet and a kick ass pc with lot's of equally impressive software that takes advantage of the extra power than see generations of products go by and not feel like I'm missing out.

Glad you liked the video as well, I'm releasing another one later in the week to help people understand what Intel are doing just now because they're releasing so many products it can get a little confusing.

Also, I think I posted this in the wrong place but I couldn't seem to find a better section so if a mod's reading this feel free to move it somewhere more appropriate.

Great Video!

Good video!

Good vid.  You should do more.

I think that the new cpu will have graphene. IBM has already created transistors made of graphene. Plus we can now mass produce graphene. Graphene cpus are supposed to run at 1thz+. If amd can pull of a graphene cpu before intel we will have a whole new era of computing because intel will make the graphene cpus better. If you look back most of intel's products are just better amd products. Kind of like what happens where Japan makes a new technology and then the U.S. makes it better. Japan = AMD, U.S. = Intel.

AMD is in no control to manufacturer their processors. GloFo and TSMC are.

Thanks :D

Thanks for checking it out!

I'll have at least another video out this week, two if I can manage, upcoming topics are "Understanding the Intel Market" and "Why comparing consoles and Pc's isn't as straightforward as you might think"

Well first of all I would like to say it was a great video.


SMT surely will be featured on all wide execution architecture, to get the most throughput.

Intels pricing isn't really that much affected by competetion. They have pretty much followed the same pricing-scheme.


Also it is natural that one company will fall behind (for a certain periode of time, lucky there can be no monopoly with CPU manufacturers).


Excellent video keep it up!


I think you're right in saying that it's natural for one company to fall behind and as Wendell said in the latest Tek, AMD have some disposable income to use which should allow them to make a good leap forward. My fear is that if they don't do a good job it will leave Intel to reign supreme.

Awesome :)

We are talking about high-end.

Price / performance isn't really an factor.


Intel is dominant with few-thread integer instruction stream, and will beat AMD in SIMD is 9/10 ways. This is by fact, by simply looking into piledriver and haswells architecture.


Piledriver litterally needs to utilize every ALU pipeline to be EVEN with haswell.


Therefore it is only in a few workloads piledriver might be even (or ahead, due to higher clocks) over haswell.


I didn't really see any fanboyisme in his video, to be honest.

I fear that AMD is simply hyping this hype-train a little to much.

They shouldn't disappoint their costumers, giving them fake hope. Instead they should be realistic.


I doubt if Skybridge will reach the same performance as skylake, it just seems like a way to big jump.

It might be around haswell (give or take) performance.

Talking about "high end"???  I really don't even understand what that means... "high end"  what??? Are you all talking about "high end" gaming, web surfing, music playing, video editing, video streaming, skyping, teamspeaking, e-mailing???  Nevermind... I'll just butt out, obviously my little AMD system (with it's great price/performance) will never be "high end" to some people.  Sorry guys.

Please calm yourself.


High-end system. What is high-end web surfing? We are talking about hardware.


The fx 8320 and above truly does belong to the high-end section, no doubt about that.