Made an Angle Riser for my Model M spacebar to make it more comfortable

Check it out. @Logan you saw my first one at PDXLAN, here's my improved one that's got a more consistent color.

P.S. I sent you all that keyboard information, did you get it?

Have you thought about 3D printing one so it is one solid piece?

Sure... if i had a 3D printer....

There are people on this site would make you one

I think I'm ok with my own handywork :P

What's with sticking shoes in pictures of keyboards here? Is it some sort of ancient trend I've not heard of?

I know it from /r/mechanicalkeyboards they explain it somewhat but I can't find it now.

Shoes are what younuse to get around and do work. You buy a pair that will.last and look good much like keyboards for a PC. Keyboards are basically the shoes of a PC, the tool that looks good and functions how you like it. That's how I see it.

/r/mechanicalkeyboards back in the day did this thing that apparently your preferred shoe type was related to the keyswitches that you prefered.

which isn't true at all but it became a tradition to compare shoe to your switch choice, which meant showing of your shoesies with your keyboard.