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Made a neat little wallpaper tool

Generally when I want a wallpaper I go to 4chan to grab wallpapers since they’re typically not upscaled or contain artifacts. I got really sick of going to every through every thread on boards like ‘w’ and ‘wg’, hitting Crtl+F and searching for my resolution so I made a tool in python that just scrapes all the threads on a board. It grabs all the images of your specified resolution and downloads them to the current working directory. It also checks whether or not the file is already downloaded so you can make it into a systemd process if you want.

Feel free to check it out here (inb4 “hey your real name is there” I know)

You can also install it from python3’s pip using pip3 install cloverwallpaper it runs on both windows and linux.

This little project taught me a great deal about python packaging and it was pretty fun to make during this whole thing. Let me know if you have any feedback for me! :slight_smile: