Mad max pc

I saw it on special offer and decided to give it a try

Turns out to be one of the best gaming purchases I have made so far in the last 4 months

Look on steam and read the reader reviews, ignore the actual reviews..

Okay, so its a mish mash of a load of other games but... IT IS SOO MUCH FUN!.

Runs awesome as well, 1440p and silky smooth.

Anyone else playing it?

Me and my friend boight it on the Xbox one (I know I'm sorry) and I've been quite enjoying it. I would have bought it on sale for the PC but my specs are awful.

My favorite thing to do is mess around with the harpoon

You shouldnt apologize for your choice of platform :D, the game is good across all of them.

so far

  • one single crash to desktop from alt tabbing (which sadly is common
    on pc games I find)
  • havok physics engine sometimes does weird glitches but nothing to
    really worry about.
  • they use their own custom AA solution which does have some annoying
    shimmering, but again that is minor.

Sunk 37 hours into it. Mmmm that v8 sounds so good.

damn, dont have the v8 yet

only just got to the pink eye fortress :D

I'll get my hands on it next month, already used up this months computer related budget xD

But from what I've seen and been able to play at a friends place, it looks really really good, if you are into sandbox games that is ;)

I've seen a few let'splays of it and i was surprised to hear it got bad reviews.
The level design for camps and stuff is what attracts me the most to this game, with the mazes, routes, secret spaces, etc. It reminds me somewhat of Doom. That treehouse/safehous building adventures from childhood get brought up to mind from memory. The devs impress me with this aspect.
It seems to also be pretty damn well optimized for PC according to what i've seen and heard, so that's a big plus.
I think i will definitely buy it once i build a new PC next year.

It just doesnt seem fair to me

mad max is an awesome game and deserves to do well, and yet bad reviews plus launch coinciding with MGS release means this game will not get the recognition it deserves.

And I dont really understand why people are flocking to mgs, it had two gamebreaking bugs at launch which are still broken on 360 and xbox one and yet people are still buying it.