Macs - Servers?

In the publishing business where copyrights are taken very seriously everything can be a legal nightmare. Images, text, and yes even fonts.

Large font collections are very expensive and large organizations need ways to manage the licenses to ensure their use is being kept within the terms of the licenses.

Also large numbers of fonts can cause conflicts between systems where one person used the Adobe font and another person has a very similar font from somewhere else loaded. When you are collaborating it can be a real issue.

Extensis provides just such a service for Mac users and provides mac server software to help manage these things.

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This may make sense… Trying to “add” knowledge.

The best way to use optical connection to target device is with a thunderbolt device that has FC out/passthrough for connecting to the (target?).
(edit) This method requires a standard thunderbolt connection to the first device, and the first device acts as a passthrough - let’s be real it has an HBA in it that breaks out both SAS or SCSI or FC or all three sometimes.

Then there’s no TB optical cable necessary and FC should get the job done for a lot of stuff…

TB optical should usually be replaced with unicorn(ing) (unicorn, uni-corning, unicorn-ing, unicorning) wire if possible.

Why can’t they just open fonts? Ya know the ones that are free, cost nothing, and can be used however needed.

Not sure why someone/something would go through so much hassle for such a minor thing.

Moreover, how old are these fonts? They should be in the public domain.

We need to use this specific font for this specific zebra printer that we haven’t upgraded in 10 years because it ‘does the job just fine’.