MacOS less stable than Windows

To date I have had more crashes/kernel panics on my 2020 i5 Macbook Pro than I have had with Windows 10 and then 11

WT actual F is going on?

That is all.

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Sounds like you need to pay more money for stability


Was this during it’s entire life cycle, or just recently?

Intermittent - from catalina - big sur - monterey

No virtualisation or sideloaded apps - just legit app store stuff and office 365.

The ironic part being I bought it for work as an expensive typewriter as ‘supposedly’ macos is more stable than windows and I couldnt be distracted by playing games on it.

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It’s not bad software support, it’s a feature!


Weird. I’ll have to see what happens if we’re ever allowed to upgrade from Catalina at work. I have a 2019 16" with the i9 and it’s been pretty solid.

Haven’t had any widespread issues with other staff members either. These have been much more reliable than the 2016 model.

I haven’t experienced more crashes on my Macbook than my Windows PC, but my god the MacOS update times are atrocious compared to Windows now. Which is funny, since Windows updates used to be WAY worse. Now its the other way around. Any MacOS updates take at least 15-30 minutes while windows updates are always <5 minutes.

Microsoft really did go and fix the horrible update problems they used to have, while Apple has let MacOS updates get worse.

That is at least what apple wants you to believe :slightly_smiling_face:

Windows if your drivers are good is slightly more stable than macOS.

Stability isn’t why i run it.

MacOS kills it in wake from sleep, sleeping reliability (i.e. going to sleep) and actual usability for me.

That said, the number of crashes i’ve had with macOS in the past 10 years - i can count on one hand.

If you’re seeing regular kernel panics i’d be running some hardware tests. Mac hardware isn’t immune to failure, either inside or out of warranty. It happens, Mac hardware is nice but it isn’t magic pixie dust immune to manufacturing defects.


Check the kernel panic stacktrace, does it always crash in the same place? What type of exception? Any drivers in the stacktrace? Do all applications crash, just a particular one? Did you try any stress tests or memory checkers?


Well that’s extremely weird. I never had experience with MacOS, but I feel pretty inclined to blame the hardware. Unless someone screwes heavly with an OS they’re all decently stable.

I get that it’s something so sporadic that it’s not easy to point the finger at the hardware. But sometimes that’s how it is. Something at the edge of stability that managed to pass QC but can’t really pass the test of time, so to say.

In past I’ve had my laptop acting weirder and weirder at time went by. Found out that one stick of RAM was on it’s way out. Changed it and never had issues anymore. Maybe there’s similar situation with your hardware, but it’s impossible to diagnose on such computers.

If you give me a quick and dirty ‘how-to’ ill do that and post the results here