Machinima is Stupid

Ew. This just scares me. I can't tell if they're trolling or not...

well for one they used the piston, which is shit and not a steam box, didn't watch the rest of the video and I don't think I have to

You should watch them building them lol thay spent thousands on junk pc's $250 jusdt on 8gbs of ram 

"it uses the same chipset as a believed prototype, so it's the exact same thing"

"video ram is not usually found in a computer" (i know what they mean but it still sounds retarded)

Oh my, that build video was terrible. 

I cringed when they used a CPU with Bulldozer cores instead of a CPU with Jaguar cores in their PS4 build video, even though there is no 8 core CPU that uses Jaguar cores they should at least have mentioned it. Which means that part of me died watching this video. How can someone be THAT stupid? The Steam Box isn't the Piston. The Steam Box has only been announced as an idea, NONE of its specs have been shown yet. Oh well yet another reason why I dislike Machinima and only watch them on rare occasions.

I only watch their little skits, but this came up in the recommended while I was watching one.