Machine turns itself off intermittently

I’ve been getting increased frequency unscheduled shutdowns of my computer, often when I am using it, usually not taxing it. This is an instant event as if it was unplugged from power.

I have a UPS feeding the computer and monitor and it doesn’t indicate that it has an issue or somehow stopped supplying power.

When I look in the EventViewer, something I’m not qualified to evaluate, I typically see a message with this information:

Event 41, Kernel-Power
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

Currently, I’m getting these events about once per day, but occasionally they have occurred more frequently.

I don’t believe the specific components are relevant to this, but I can provide the build if necessary. I’m starting to suspect that the power supply might be faulty, but the entire system was built new less than 2 years ago.

How do I diagnose this issue?


Have you run memtest yet?
Sounds like a ram issue.

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The error you see in event monitoring is telling you that the shutdown could be due to a power loss. This could mean that any segment of components that is providing power to the computer could be failing at some point.

I would start testing with the simplest, for example plugging the computer to a different power outlet and not directly to the UPS. If after doing so the computer is still shutting down, if you can, replace the power supply and test it for awhile.

You could also run a memtest to confirm if something is wrong with the memory. Also, check the CPU temps and make sure it does not raise above its advertised TJMAX values.

This could also be a problem with some components of your motherboard.


Another thing you can try is to re-feed all cables and components.


The only time I have ever run across an issue like that was a PSU. It was a Bronze 80 PSU that had been running fine for a few months and was from a decent brand. I was only on a surge protecting power strip, but still that strip was never triggered.

Replaced the PSU with a brand new one (same model due to it having been bought in a retail store and that is the best they offered me due to the age of the purchase (over 90 days)) and no longer had intermittent power issues.

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