Machine Learning Thread... Maybe?

So, I don't see a section for machine learning, and I don't see many posts when I search for it (except for one absolutely amazing cheatcheat here) so... if anyone's interested come here?

I'm pretty entry-level when it comes to programming, but I've been messing around with Keras and Tensorflow over the past month or two. I built a simplistic little snake-like game (way lamer than snake) with the goal in mind, to create a CNN to play the game. I did succeed at creating a network that would successfully chase and eat between 1500 and 2500 rewards before getting stuck in this weird back and forth loop. I sadly no longer have that model. :sob: Hers's the github link to the project. Sadly, I lost the newest code when i lost the model and the code that's up hasn't been cleaned up. I will have my laptop back on Monday and I'll have the will to start re-building then. In the mean time....

I've been making my way through this paper on a CNN for frame interpolation (fps) today. It's an interesting read so far.

Has anyone else been working on anything, or watching any good material for machine learning?


We have the computer science/EE basement

As for machine learning im watching through this ATM


Sentdex is pretty cool.


I love this. I ran into one of these videos GTA play before, but didn't know it was a series. I'm gonna make my way through it. Thanks!

Anyone watch siraj raval? He's really fast, but really good.

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subbed so little time so very interested.