Machine Learning in Unreal Engine 4 / Home Automation

I was just watching @Logan 's Inbox 001. Figured you might like to look at a little something i have been working on. Machine Learning for unreal engine. I am working on releasing a free and open plugin for UE4 that implements various machine learning techniques in C++ exposed to blueprint nodes. Right now i only have the NN done, its pending a release.

Heres a video of some various Neural Nets vs basic checkpoint AI
Unreal Engine 4 - 2 Different C++ Neural Networks VS Blueprint Checkpoint AI

-- second thought --
Logan said something about home automation software, I am super interested in this and have been thinking about this for sometime. I want to implement the Machine Learning in UE4 that i'm doing to run on a small linux box or something to have a smart home ai, where you could utilize UE4's graphical power to maybe link into your phone or AR headset like hololens to do cool things like augmented internet of things or be able to play games with your own home ai. But also use the power of machine learning to do really amazing things in conjunction. basically use the smart home ai box as a server base where things could connect to it like a platform and you could interact with it.

It could control things like lights turning off and on when you enter rooms, quality of life controllers(temp, humidity, water/air filtrations, sprinklers). communicating with wifi/wired cameras for security management. mood lighting ambiance/music playing, ect. These are all neat ideas. But one thing i was thinking about is the possibilities of gamification with daily tasks. you could make a character and level it up by doing tasks around the house and have a central home list of 'players', their scores, and tasks. you could lose score and levels by neglecting things.

i have a plan for most of this stuff i just haven't gotten around to it. So i figured i'd just put a stream of consciousness here.

edit: ps thanks so much for the wicked Höllental desk mat. love this thing

I just released the Neural Network for unreal engine 4 on my github for free and open.