Macbook Pro Youtube Issues

My parents just got a new Macbook Pro 13" Retina, stock 256gb model. While playing 1080p60fps video on youtube through Google Chrome the video will start dropping a quarter or more of the frames making it esentially unwatchable. While playing the video Chrome will take up more than 100% of the cpu and the temps top out around 95 degrees C. However when playing videos through Safari or at 720p60fps it is fine. Not sure what the problem is, might be thermal throttling. I have looked around and found a similar issue with AMD graphics card users but their fixes do not work with me. 

Screenshots of Temps, Ram, CPU, and Youtube -

Check you are up-to-date with the OS. 10.10 & 10.10.1 had a few issues with youtube in general. But it maybe worth checking that chrome is using the HTML5 video player (I believe its default, but it is worth checking)

With out checking if you have a gpu on top of the standard in that system you did mention AMD graphics. You could install this: It will allow you to switch between the intergrated and non gpu on the system. Run the test with both and see if there is any difference.

Too me those temps seem way too high to be acceptable under any circumstance. Maybe get the "Genius'" to test it out.

Seems Chrome is at it again with this memory leaking/resource consumption issue. But yeah, I would check if everything (OS, Chrome) is up to date.

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I've been having problems with web video too and suspect it's shitty Flash apps that are the cause.

For development I use Chrome but for casual browsing I now use Firefox. On a laptop you should always configure your Flash plugin to ask for permission to run. Once you do you will notice how many sites actually run garbage in the background. This will drastically cut your CPU usage.
In Firefox, browse to about:addons and set Shockwave Flash to ask to activate or do it for all of them for that manner.

If you watch get a plug-in that can open the streams in VLC, like:

For Youtube, set up a Google account and configure HTML5 mode to be on as default.