Macbook Pro overheating?

So late 2011 i bought a 13 inch macbook pro. Yes i know it's not what geeks do but i like the outside but now to my problem. late 2012 i wanted to upgrade my macbook because i was running out of storage space. I went to a computershop and asked for an upgrade i couldn't do it myself cuz i don't have the tools. I got a 750 gb hard drive and the whole deal costed me 100 dollars. Now since i have this hard drive my computer is getting really hot like 90 degrees celsius when i have chrome and mail open. Now i thought the problem was the hard drive but when i feel where the drive sits it feeld quite cool and the cpu i so hot that i really can't hold my hand on it. Well it's hot. So is it the drive or could it be that the holes where the fan exhaust are blocked? I live in a dusty area and i have to clean out my gaming pc's dustfilters every 2 weeks. Now i must say i have used this pc a lot i played league on it for 5 months 3 hours a day. The laptop is on 7 hours a day so is this macbook just dead and should i look for an upgrade or can i save my beloved mac? Thanks for reading this :D

Why not take her apart and clean her out? If you're feeling adventurous you can try adding some thermal paste to the cpu. The tools to take her apart shouldn't be more expensive than several dollars at a local hardware store.