MacBook Pro for livestreaming

i needed a laptop for doing all kinds of things and just use my windows pc for gaming. However, since the
new MBP only has a dual-core, am i able to stream from my gaming pc to the MBP? Im not sure how many cores OBS will use and i will use an elgato hd60 for it. The MBP would be my first choice because, i needed something for school and logic pro x (audio production) since its only exclusive to mac osx. I'm not also looking to use it for livestreaming.

if the $1,300 model isnt able to fit those needs then i could just get a msi gp60 leopard and swap the hdd to an ssd.


I've streamed to my old 2009 Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro just fine with Steam In-home Streaming, so I doubt a new one will have any issues. It doesn't take much on the decoding side, I can stream using Nvidia game stream + moonlight (open source implementation of game stream) to my Raspberry Pi at 720p60.

Macbooks are not made for gaming, period. If you intend to game on your laptop, a Macbook would not be the way to go.

If you are a serious about spending the 1.3k USD and are unsure about what you want to get, do the research on what you can do with certain sets of hardware. I guarantee that the GP60 will game better and render faster than the Macbook, as long as the software you want is on it. But if it isn't, and you can't find an alternative to what you use, then you are out of luck.