Macbook pro alternative

Hello world,

i would like to know if there are any viable Macbook Pro 15 Retina alternatives.

In terms of weight, power, ssd speed  (from what i read the 1Tb ssd in the mac has a 900mb/s+  speeds)
I don't mind spending 2800 GBP on it, just wondering if there is anything better.
My old computer was na HP mobile workstation with the 2nd gen i7, but i broke my back carrying that thing and the powerbrick with me all the time :)

 if not i will just get this thing and put win7 on it.









If your focus isn't gaming, but instead on the lightness that you can get for the quality of the display, then this Dell is the best in the business.

It has a higher-than-retina pixel density and a graphics card just capable of running all of your standard computing tasks as well as things like Autodesk products or Adobe products. Although the graphics are provided by a workstation card with 2 GB of VRAM, expect the render times for particularly large or complicated models to be slower than on a high-performance gaming card. This is because the Quadro being used in this laptop is only based on the GTX 650. As such, performance suffers slightly. Of course, the overall speed still depends highly on how much money you are willing to spend. But it is thin, light, and just as powerful with an even better display.

~ as long as it isn't Alienware ~

Exactly. Those are a waste of money. If you are going gaming, go Asus ROG, MSI or some other custom MSI-based variant.

The new Sony Vaio Fir Flip 15 inch has a 2880x1660 display with the exact same processor as the macbook providing you choose the upgrades. It is however, very expensive. Almost as much as the same spec macbook.

Toshiba has the Kirabook. Equals the spec, has touchscreen and it's smaller. Dare to fork out the $$$ for it though?

Damn, if your willing to spend that much, i would go with one of the razer blade gaming laptops. I think they have proffesional versions meant for high workloads (razer blade pro). Ether that or one of the MSI gaming laptops.

thanks guys,

well, its not meant for games (i play only DoD:S , and sometimes Monkey Island ...again and again and again :).

i am using lots of virtual machines, running simultaneously, and i need to monitor them all at once. (windows7)

the dell seems a viable option, just not sure how big and heavy the damn power brick is.

still the speed of the 1TB pcie SSD looks impressive