Mac Pro CPU Upgrade - E5-2651 2011 V2 12 core 1.8 ghz

I bought a quad core mac pro about a year ago, and have since started more virtual machines, and more video rendering. I think the machine could use some more cores. I think I am pretty comfortable swapping the cpu on the machine, as I've done mac mini repair as well, and system building.

I saw this, which is fairly cheap

How do you think it would compare to my (current cpu) quad core - 3.7 ghz Xeon e5.

~11K vs ~9.5K according to the PassMark website assuming an E5 2610 v2?

PassMark Website

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I picked up an engineering sample on ebay, and dropped it in today... Ended up getting the Xeon 2670 ES - 2.3 GHz 10 core - 2011V2.

Got the engineering sample running on my 2013 Macpro 6,1. Here are the geek bench comparisons.
4 core -
10 core -

Seems to be working pretty good and stable so far. Install was tricky, but no major hiccups.


I've bought 3 E5 2630L Xeon's in the last 6 months though only @ 1.8 GHz being ES CPUs. Good enough though for my uses which was enable X99 boards to function as they have multiple PCI-E slots and high reliability running 24/7.

The Intel pro-sumer multi-core processors would have been overkill and much more expensive. Though I've got 1 5820K for gaming of course!

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