Mac OS Bitcoin Mining Help

Im on mac os and I would like to start mining for the tek syndicate bitcoin mining pool put I do not know anything about bitcoin mining. Any help?

Ok, so you can use bitcoin-qt as your wallet. That works fine onm macs.

From what i have researched, guiminer should work on a mac but lots of people have problems.

Try using bitminter. Download and install bitcoin-qt and and the bitminter miner.

EDIT: you can also check out diablo miner instead of bitminter, some people prefer that

One you've done that you just plug in the same settings (the interface will be different) and you'll be good to go.

Let me know if you have any problems.


diablo is great, i just have problems with my school's old macs, still running snow leopard


gui miner relys on python and pyopencl, so there are alot of dependencies to install. diablo just needs the stratum proxy. it's still a bunch of command line stuff, but it's not that hard.