Mac or PC for video streaming

I have been looking into streaming for the past few weeks now and still am not completely sure on which type of computer will perform better. I am aware that it is mainly down to your CPU and I believe RAM as well. But, is it worth getting a MacBook pro with retina 15" (would also use for school work) as it has a quad core processor. Or would a custom build be more appropriate and if so could you give ideas on what could some parts be.

I'll throw in my two cents, but I'm not a streamer. My knowledge is second hand from following other threads about streaming.

Depends on your wallet and willingness to get your hands dirty. Also depends on what you're streaming. If you want no fuss and got money to burn, well MBP might be your choice, otherwise a custom laptop is the way to go.

The hardware greatly depends on what you're streaming. If you're streaming some AAA games, such as BF4, then you're probably going to want some hefty specs, such as a Core i7 QUAD CORE (8 threads; some mobile i7's are dual-core with HT, which makes 4 threads, but still only 2 cores), at least 8GB of RAM, preferably 16GB of RAM, some decently quick storage (7200RPM HDD, or SSD), and, of course, a capable GPU to actually play your games. You're also going to want to Windows if you are streaming games.

Do you know how well windows runs on a Mac or is it best to go for a custom build

Well enough. It wont run as well as OS X, but it will run well nonetheless. The MBP isn't a slouch, I just have difficulty recommending Apple due to their absurd prices, profit margins, and politics.

Well thank you for the help. This has given me some things to consider. Cheers