MAC or not to MAC

Okay, i have been using macs in one of my courses at university for a project using Logic and Garage band. #1 i hate using macs it frustrates the hell out of me, but i have found logic and garage band to be pretty cool applications. Does anyone know of a way i can use these peices of software without actually using a MAC? i have never delt with them before hand so my knowledge is pretty limited and id rather stick with my windows if possible.

You can install OSX on a pc...

yes i know but i was hoping to bypass that altogether, looks like that's not going to be an option by what i have researched, thanks though

well u could use mixcraft instead of garage band

and instead of logic studio u could use Cubase or Sonar

No instead of Garage band, use Record.

But that has to take time to do that. I just did it and it failed even more.

I was actually looking at that a few days ago, how is it?

I really don't know, I have only heard good things. Never actually used it, sorry.

well, i guess i might have to "acquire" it one of these days and try it out.

man, apple is really laying it on thick with the anti-windows 7 commercials.. they arent even witty or anything anymore, its just "lol windows sux go mac". threatened much?