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Mac/Linux System Admin Job in NYC, EDU institution


Great place to work:

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  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Graduate degree in digital art or related field preferred

But yeah, working for schools, especially universities, is awsome. You can get some really cool perks. I know that if you work for DePaul university, you can attend tuition free.

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yeah but, they also list Experience as a qualification so it looks like a lack of a degree is not an automatic out.

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Digital art is what students do here, so it is good if a system admin went through a similar program and can help students with the work challenges, not just fix computer problems.
About tuition, I assume it is like that on most, if not all schools.

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Is that so? Bro. I didn’t know that. Not all the schools say what they offer perk wise in their job postings. :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s common for family members of employees to received greatly reduced or no tuition, so it makes sense the employees themselves would get that perk.

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