Mac Dual Display setup - how do I solve this problem?

Ok so I’m getting a new setup for work (MacBook Pro 16" (intel) and 2x Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-20’s) which is great - the problem is I need to share the displays with my personal computer an M1 Mac Mini. I’d like to do this in a seamless way if possible; I’ve looked at various Display Port KVM’s, USB-C KVM’s and other docks/hubs however I’m not sure what will exactly work best between these 2 computers. The end result I’m looking for is to be able to seamlessly (as much as possible) switch the monitors back and forth from my M1 Mac Mini to my 16" MacBook Pro.

With that as the context - what do you think the best options are?

There’s an inelegant solution of just swapping a usb-c cable between machines

This one will act as a breakout from usb-c to all your stuff:

There’s also an hdmi variety

Alternatively, you could use a KVM for push button switching or if your KVM is a dual monitor single usb-c port variety you could combine this to have 2 computers on.

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