Whats the difference?

Pro has more PCIe lanes. Dual GPU configurations run at full bandwidth. So PCIe gen2 x16 x16

is the same as PCIe gen3 x8 x8

Whereas the EVO happens to be PCIe gen2 x8 x8

one's real and the other isn't

there is a 990x evo and a 990fx pro, the difference really only being the chipset, the difference between the chipsets being half speed dual-gpu on 990x and full speed dual-gpu on the 990fx

that's about it



  1. 40 pci-e 2.0 lanes vs 20 pci-e lanes 2.0
  2. 64 bit uefi bios vs 32 bit uefi bios.
  3. 7 sata ports vs 6 sata ports.
  4. 4 pci-e X16 slots vs 3 pci-e x16 slots
  5. 1 pci-e X1 slot vs 2 pci-e X1 slots.

Thats all

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