M5A78L-M/USB3 ECC support?

Does it? some it does, other say it don't can 

I really need anwser for this one is for my Nas Server

yes it supports ECC memory.


Okay Great just to make sure but for some reason when i boot with ECC Ram on the Motherboard is just make no connection to the screen not even post-message any idea why?

double check all power connections

Are you sure its related to the ECC modules? with normal modules it does boot?

well maybe the Cpu is a AMD athlon x2 240 (a old fucker) I read somewhere from a forum that it donest support 8gb ram moduls but i can't find anywhere is says this AMD only support so and so

well that athlon is indeed realy old,  i did some specs searches, and i came out with a DDR3 dualchannel controller 1066mhz. And that cpu most likely does not support ECC memory, thats probably why it does not boot.

But there is also an diffrence in ECC memory aswell, your board only supports ECC Unbuffered

Grtz Angel ☺

Thank you for the help :-)

will unbuffeted ECC ram be a problem on a Freenas system? 

No it should be fine ☺