m50 vs AX700 vs hd558 vs?

hi guys iv decied ax700 or m50 or hd558 or any you recemmond 

i thought about corsair 1500/2000 or logitech 930/35/430 but i can download razor 7.1 on headphones 

and headphones have better quilty 

I love my hd558's...

I'd totally recommend these... but what are you using the headphones for primarily?

gaming thats it really might listern to music now and then though

Yeah the hd558's should suit you well, but I'd highly recommend these also...

hay man they look good but i dont think i can get them in us 

have u tryed this b4

I live in the US and I own both the 558s and the Silverados 0.o

ok kwl ill get 558 or m50 then download razor 7.1 i tryed the demo sounds pretty mean