M&A Shenanigans and the US War on Technology

So shortly after the news that takeover of Blackberry by Lenovo has been thwarted by the Canadian government after that was ordered to block the takeover by the US government on grounds of national security, here comes the next installment of the US war on technology: Google is probably going to take over Acer.

It's not a secret that Google is always on the lookout for cheap deals, it bought Motorola for a ridiculous bargain price, and it's also no secret that PC hardware manufacturers (Acer, HP, Asus, Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc...) are bleeding to death, so it was only a matter of time before Google would buy a PC hardware manufacturer. They did one run of Acer Chromebooks, and now with Samsung actually releasing a Tizen-based product (to replace an Android product that didn't work out that well), Google has probably decided that they want to control the hardware market more directly, both in terms of Android and in terms of ChromeOS.

So Microsoft, Google, Intel and Apple have it all figured out in some shady back-room deal right?...

'Murica is so shooting itself in the foot with this cyberterror war on worldwide technology...

This is going to end really ugly...

Yeah it is, (going to end really ugly)

I'm currently on the lookout for products with as less 'Murica in it as possible,

since they lost all trustworthiness when they destroyed the right to privacy. And Obama's speech shortly after the Snowdenleaks, that non-Americans have less rights was an eye opener. Lets crunch some numbers 7bil/300mil ... So around 95% of the world's population deserves less rights that the other 5% ? Fascism for beginners huh?

The corporate push for controlling the users & viciously bullying/buying smaller companies is unacceptable.

I already found an alternative smartphone it's called jolla, it has sailfish OS and it's from Finland.

For good enough Laptops i'm going with Schenker from Germany (very good Linux compatibility)

I know that most people have a higher tolerance than I, but that just means that I'm a couple of years ahead of the curve.

With great power comes great responsibility, not a blank check to fuck stuff up.

Sorry this turned out into evil-US-rant,... again, I know there are allot of good people living there too. Your rulers sit in a very tall ivory tower, maybe you could give them a bigger more visible middle finger: More people participating in Occupy wall street, Anonymous, wolf-pac, etc movements might help ?