M.2 ssd smart phones

Hello, I would like to know your opinion about smartphones phone companies making phones that have m.2 ports and room to put an ssd inside. Micro sd transfers at the speed of an hdd. Even mini sata is even a faster port. Internal memory may be the fastest, but it is the most expensive. If you like this idea, can you start a petition?

There is no way it would work size wise. The size of the connector and ssd board would be to big for the phone size. So would a chipset that deal with the throughput.

If you want a phone that is about 20mm thick sure

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First of all, there is a OnePlus One invite thread. Go there if you have invites.

Second of all, there is no need to have pc standards on mobile phones. Mobile doesn't use pcie like pcs do. I am not sure how they go about it, but they aren't the same. They have different standards. The speeds from m.2 CAN be seen on mobile platforms, but they would have to make implementations for it to work. Doing it specifically for mobile would also cut down on the size of them as m.2 drives are a bit big for phones, as pointed out before.

I DO want a 20mm thick phone

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I'd say to thin is a problem but I'd say 10mm range is good. My htc one m8 is 10mm and its got a good battery size and hardware package.

M.2 for a phone? no, wont fit.
M.2 for a tablet? maybe.

M.2 for anything mobile is overkill, as you literally don't have enough processing power to take advantage of the speed.

Oh and phones most likely won't move away from eMMC because eMMC takes up much less space (higher capacity flash modules without the need for a discrete controller) than any SSD plus eMMC has less overhead than SATA or PCI-E

M.2 is going to eat up a lot more power than the current eMMC chips too. Need to start thinking about battery life and battery size. And considering the fact that we have 128GB MicroSD cards, why would you need a M.2? As long as you have a phone that still takes MicroSD cards.

Talking about speed, imagine how long it a media scan on a 1TB M.2 would take... it already takes long enough as it is for 64 GB.

SD cards tend to focus on block transfers than random IOPs, that's why people tend to get class 6 cards for their Rasp Pi because the lower speed ones tend to have higher IOPs, I don't know if this is true beyond class ten because they upped the Hz from 50 to around 200, but you'd need a device capable of UHS and even still eMMC is faster

if all you want to do is store music then SD cards will do the job

now removable eMMC like on the ODroid would be great so that lower capacity phones won't become garbage when you want to upgrade capacity, having multiple eMMc slots would further this effect, at that point SD cards would be there simply for legacy


and with a eMMC reader and removable eMMC it pretty much means its impossible to brick your phone forever

thad be a very thick phone dude plus idk some of the phones prolly couldnt realistically handle the throughput