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M.2 SSD heatsink


Hello boys and girls.

I bought an EK M.2 heatsink, I want to install it onto a Samsung 960 PRO that throttles.
I can see where the controller is, it has got a sticker on it. Looks like the sticker is thicker than the average sticker. I read these stickers work as small heat spreaders. The SSD is still on warranty.

Remove sticker or put heatsink onto sticker?


yeah, removing the sticker can’t legally void the warranty under new rulings. You’re fine.


Should have specified I’m from europe.
I have no clue how the law is here


samsung isn’t going to refuse an RMA based on the sticker. If you’re really that worried, just peel it off in one piece and replace it if you need to RMA


Not sure if you can with that heatsink design but flash actually wears and writes better when hotter. The controller is usually the part that degrades performance as it gets hot. Alan over at PC perspective has some good talks and write-ups I believe about it.


Yes I am aware the nand needs to be warmish but the controller throttles and the design of these heatsinks is what it is
In fact it seems the lifespan of nand will also be reduced with additional cooling. But I am here for the sick performance maaaaaaan. Too fast to live, too hot to render.
I just wonder if there will be any difference between sticker with/without assuming the sticker itself is there to be thermally conductive…


2 things…

  1. If you are worried about voiding the warranty, don’t remove the sticker.

The best thing you can do is use the thermal pad only for the controller and actually remove the rest, so the flash will be warm, but the controller will not.


I don’t think there’s any risk of this little however nice looking heatsink overdoing its cooling. But I’d keep the sticker on for simplicitys sake.