M.2 M key to A/E key adapter

For some reason motherboard manufacturers aren’t putting m.2 a/e key slots on their motherboards including in the case of mine where it has 2 m key slots. I don’t have an m.2 ssd but I do have an m.2 a/e key wifi card. I could use a pcie adapter but I don’t have anymore open full size slots. I could also rig something up with an m.2 m key to pcei adapter and then use an pcie to m.2 a/e adapter for wifi. but I’d much rather get it all done in one conversion board if possible the problem is I don’t know where to look for this apparently since I can’t seem find one.

for clarity what I want is an adapter that combines a m.2 wifi to pcie adapter with a pcie to m.2 ssd adapter

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-NGFF-M-2-Key-A-Wifi-Bluetooth-Card-to-Mini-PCI-E-Converter-Adapter-Card/32818055615.html?src=google&albslr=202901824&isdl=y&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&source={ifdyn:dyn}{ifpla:pla}{ifdbm:DBM&albch=DID}&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&albcp=653153647&albag=34728528644&slnk=&trgt=75384829977&plac=&crea=en32818055615&netw=g&device=c&mtctp=&gclid=CjwKCAiA-9rTBRBNEiwAt0Znw4m4kfALLv8JGOpbXwNPdu5A5fRXXwTZpxoRCyCxknwHMftzD51aZBoCI_AQAvD_BwE I have the same problem but this should work

For anyone still looking for one…

Amazon has the Ableconn M2MN-150E that works. Its included USB cable was far too short to be useful to me though, and its red PCB looked bad in my black-and-white build.

The Mabletech MTG-GM200 looks perfect for what I want, but I can’t find anyone selling it. I can’t even be sure Mabletech is a real company.

I bought a black-PCB adapter through eBay, and it works fine.

There’s clearly a demand for these adapters—though maybe not a big one—so I’m surprised they’re so hard to find.

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