M.2 E-key adapters on Desktop/ITX boards?

WiFi cards come in M.2 2230 format with an E key on the slot, The X570 ITX build I’m planning for my 5950X will likely sport these slots. I am hoping that it will be a possible setup to put something there for PCIe 4.0 x1 or x2 . This would be really awesome since with two additional regular M.2, it may be possible to attach 3 PCIe devices in total, this is far beyond what I would have imagined ITX to be capable of!

The question is does anyone know if these desktop gaming oriented boards will actually work with these? I’ve seen adapter products that people successfully use with various laptops but i’d be most likely trying to run a NIC or HBA off it in fringe scenarios. Even if limited to PCIe 3.0 x2, that’s 2GB/s, would not be shabby.

It looks like none of the boards I am considering actually use the slots to let me do something like this. Oh well, that’s too bad.

However it does seem like the AsRock TB3 board does have this wifi unit detaching, that I may be able to do this with. OK, I suppose it will really be a long shot even to figure out how to route a ribbon out of these things.

(photo halfway down)

I will likely bite the bullet and order one of these


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