M.2 drive reader

Does anyone make a “universal” M.2 SSD drive reader that’ll take all of the various connector types? Something like a hard drive dock, but for M.2? What do people use for pulling data from drives out of dead systems, or cloning to bigger drives? I see a few on Big South American River, but nothing that works like a dock or that’ll connect to B, M, and B & M…

I have done the briefest search for external m.2 enclosure and they do indeed exist but the universal part I have not com across yet. Looked at 5 so far on amazon and all of them will only do M Key PCIe NVMe, none will so M Key Sata, AHCI mode or B Key so far. There must be a reason but I don’t know better right now. I will look a little further though.

Edit: found a B + M Key one but no other details like AHCI or SATA compatibility for the quick glance I did, I just saw B + M and came right back with a link.

Edit 2: it seems you can easily get a B Key one, M Key one, or B + M Key one, PCIe one, or SATA one, but none so far I think do everything. So one way or another you can get data of any drive you like but you might need a different caddy for each type depending on what you want.

Hmmm… Might do some digging for reviews and see what it would cost to have two of each type. I’d like to be able to copy from one to another in any combination.

Question for the crowd: If you were asked to rescue data off an M.2 drive from a dead system, what would you do?