Lxde on windows natively ?!?

ive successfully gotten the LXDE environment to run on windows. not sure if this topic belongs here or in the windows thread (both?) . mods please move as you see fit, thanks.

1. install windows subsystem for linux
2.open bash - start type bash, click n run
3. sudo su to become root
4. apt update
5. apt upgrade
6. apt install lxde vncserver
7. type vncserver
8. connect to said vncserver i used tightvncviewer on the windows desktop

this got me to a root lxde desktop. ive not been able to get it to work as a normal user yet. but its a linux desktop, natively on windows. no virtual machines or containers per say.

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You can also install LXDE using Cygwin/X you can also do it with mobaxterm. Which doesn't require doing all the windows development bullshit and will give you similar functionality.