Lvl1 KVM troubleshooting help

I recently bought the lvl1 KVM 2 computer 2 monitor USBc solution. I also ordered 200cm cables from lvl1 for all the connections. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad and a homebuilt computer with a 3080 set up on it. When switching to the homebuilt computer it switches fast but about 10 seconds later both screens flicker on and off about 3 or 4 times and then all is well. I also see the “gsync monitor connected” message when it is done. Reading through the troubleshooting issues, I changed the DP cables out from the kvm to the monitor to ~3ft ones (I’m not sure if they are DP 1.2 or 1.4, I found them in a pile.) and that seemed to stop the flicker. However the message still appears and on both machines, sometimes the mouse is a bit laggy, and all the open windows get moved to the “primary” monitor every time I switch. Are there any next steps that are recommended that can solve these issues? Thanks

Windows 11 has a remember monitor positions checkbox that will keep the windows where they belong.

Can be used on windows 10 to keep them there.

Can you try the mouse on a usb3 port? If you use the USB hid ports for your mouse and the module has extra software to make it fancy the software should be on both machines.

I will try the PersistentWindows fix.

What if the mouse and keyboard both have software. There is only 1 USB3 port on the KVM, right?

two, one front one rear. usb3 hubs are fine too, good ones, especially externally powered ones.

Oh derp. I already had a headset in the front one.

Homebuilt didn’t love the USB hub (unpowered) until a reboot. The PersistentWindow program is working so far. I installed the mouse software on the laptop. I’ll keep running this for a few days and report back. Thanks for the assistance.

OK. Today not great. The laptop locked up when I joined a teams call. Too much power draw? I switched it to HID port to make it through the call but the machine blue screened before the end of the call. The mouse is still locking up intermittently on it. The KVM seems to have locked up as well as the select switch has stopped working twice and I needed to unplug it to be able to switch again.

That’s pretty weird. Maybe an RMA is in order.

What’s the laptop exact model? And what’s the power selection on the KVm? The laptop isn’t asking for more power than the power brick can handle right?

It’s a Lenovo Thinkpad T15. Work provided so I don’t know the exact model #. I’m not sure if that is hidden in Windows somewhere. I power cycled both machines and the KVM and took another Teams meeting and no issues this afternoon.

I am running the monitor connections from the Thinkpad dock. It’s the only way I know to get dual monitor output.

USBc goes from KVM to laptop.

I don’t think the laptop could be asking for more power than the brick provides. Keyboard, mouse, headset.

I bought two of the KVMs should I switch out before RMA?

Wait are you using the usbc power+data KVm or the displayport 1.4 KVm?

This one. 10gigabit interface


(Can’t include links)

1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Dual Monitor - Two Computer


I thought you were talking about the usbc+pd kvm when you said ‘usbc kvm’


So with the laptop, you might try plugging the laptop directly into the kvm instead of through the dock. 99% chance that fixes it. Sometimes docks are a bit sketch for usb devices that have built-in hubs like the kvm does.

There is probably also a dock firmware update (looking at you dell WD19) that fixes a lot of issues like these.


Not sure I can pull that off and retain both monitors. The specs say it has usb-c to dp but the only other output is hdmi.

Any update here? What about firmware updates for your dock? What model is it?

I got the dock updated this week and still have had some random issues with the mouse freezing up. It has blue screened on me twice this week with what appear to be USB interrupt issues. I think that is what the blue screen said, it went away fast. It is a Lenovo thinkpad USB-C dock.

you might try usb straight into the laptop, there may be usb issues with the dock assuming that youd never have any downstream hubs of the dock?

You mean USB-C straight to the laptop? Then I lose the two monitors? Am I not understanding what you are saying?

Which model KVm do you have??

From above

Replied above with the KVM. Just had a Teams call and had several mouse/kb disconnects and eventually a blue screen with stop code of IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I reconnected to the meeting but left off my USB headset this time and the rest of the call went fine.

hmm, interesting. The kvm by itself can’t cause a bsod, but it suggests the usb port the kvm is plugged into doesn’t like a hub or a bunch of stuff hanging off of it at once. Are there other usb ports you can try? it is straight into the computer or no?

Can you post a screenshot of usbtree with everything connected?