LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

Went goblin mode this morning. :expressionless:

Had to work something in during the middle of the day. :yay:


Really needed to get out of my head this morning, and of course the phone and/or fitness tracker picked now to start being a jackass, so no data to post this time.

But I still did the workout. :yay:


I have only a few hours a day for myself between sleeping and work, so I try to pull everything out of it to stay somewhat healthy, as I noticed (this is relevant as my perception is a deciding factor for a lot) was in my depression I was taking atleast vitamin tablet per half a liter water every morning if I didn’t have proper orange juice. (and this, as i would recount to my close friend, saved my life.
So that story aside, every morning I get up early enough to be at work to have my breakfast with me, usually sandwhich with somethin on, orange juice and sometimes a 3dl 1.5% milk. Then just a glass of water. And within the hour I would be ready just before work starts.
At work, making sure to instead of text comms I’ll walk to the people to talk to. Going outside to buy lunch, nowadays something ready made as our “kitchen” is just enough for that, looking towards some 400-500grams of something then a small baker treat like Pain de Chocolate or a muffin and either berries or a fruit to it. Combining it whatever drink.

On my way to work and from I usually run the steps from the Metro station to get into the warm, to get my blood going and make it easier to wake up. Burn some calories and just being less time in a stinky place. Short metro rides, I would stand.

When alone, put on some good music and just dance.

At home, wherever that is, I just usually eat something small so I won’t be too hungry going to sleep.

Although all I eat is usually fastfood or ready made and drinking some soda almost everyday, I haven’t gained weight in ages. (meaning like the last 4 years). But this is due to the irregular amount of food I consume. I want to get to the point where I can actually get 400-500g daily but because I’m in the German region the ready made food is something foreign to them.

I also have some hobbies but these are like yearly or seasonal, like skiing and golfing.

Also, stretching, really important :slight_smile:

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There is either a nutritionist or PE type professor in the states that made the news simply by only eating McDonalds for a semester but still lost weight to demonstrate to the students its not what you eat, but the in/out calorie math. Just the simple point + disclaimer its not healthy (types of macros, deficiency of micros, etc).

IMO more of the issue is that type of food hacks our system pretty bad, you crave and eat far more quantity than one’s daily allowance should be. Or in other words, it takes a lot of discipline to not gain weight eating that type of food- its both super calorie dense and also hacks the taste and reward system to over-eat it. Thats the “primary” issue for me, then its the nuances of the fillers, preservatives, sources etc that affect health and hormones (and thus both physical and mental health) greatly.



During the workout I’m like “woah, this is kicking my ass.” Later, I’m like “well yeah, you just spent 30 minutes at >70% max output.” :rofl:


I can finally post here with cause because I’ve picked back up my gym habit where I left off 3 years ago. Still recovering all the progress I made back then but it has been pretty smooth sailing so far. I’m out of strenght way before I’m out of breath so that’s nice. Being in the swimming pool for 10 years is still paying dividends.

Quick question: how do you work on deltoids? They’re my weakness and I can’t figure out how to make them work harder and better. They’re sized pretty in line with every other muscle in my upper body, but they’re not efficient.


I often do kettlebell halos as part of the warmup.

I’m a big fan of functional strength training, so I try to work in a lot of compound movements like this that works a lot of different things at once. This works most of your upper body, and your core if you keep your feet together. With a light weight it’s a good warmup. With a heavier weight it stops being a warmup and becomes part of the workout.

If you want to isolate your shoulders an overhead or lateral press should work. I always find the lateral press harder, but maybe that’s just me.


YouTube more plates more dates death star delts


I do weightless warmups with wide movements. I’d need a PT to follow me because I got kinda scared when I injured a bit myself years ago. But looks like a very interesting exercise and/or warmup.

I’m moving in that direction aswell. But still gonna need a PT to follow me.

Do them both, over head with the machine, lateral press with weights. The lateral press is really hard, depends also on how long your arms are hahaha

Not gonna lie, I was esitant in looking that up. But it has very interesting concepts in the video and I can really relate on the focus on movements.


If you have access to someone who can coach you, then yeah you might as well take advantage of it even if it’s just to remove the trial and error out of things.

I have some cranky joints due to past health problems, and it’s generally pretty easy to accommodate that sort of thing with the kettlebells. Form is important as always, but you tend to move the weight around your body a lot more than when using a dumbell or barbell.

The most dangerous thing about the kettlebells is when you drop one. :yay:

There’s a few dented tiles in my home gym area because of that. I should really get some kind of mat or some of those interlocking floor tiles. It’s not a big area, so probably wouldn’t take many tiles to cover it.

The kettlebells will test your grip strength, so yeah… it’s a good idea not to have any pets, small children, or things that would be difficult to replace nearby while you’re swinging those things around. :yay:



Strength: Push Press 2 sets 70x3, 2 sets 80x3, 90x3
Lateral raises 10lb DBs 3 sets of 12
Front raises 10lb DBs 3 sets of 10

Metcon: 16 min AMRAP
Completed 4 rounds & 32 reps

  • 8 single arm devil press (25lb DB)
  • 12 ring rows
  • 24 walking lunges (30lbs)


Strength: Introduction to Snatch (weightlifting) 45lbs :joy:

Metcon? 20:00
Did not complete cash in…

  • 50 hand release push ups
  • 25 bench press (95 lbs)
  • 50 hand release push ups
  • 9 bench press (95lbs)


Strength: Deadlift 135x15, 145x12, 155x9, 165x6, 185x3

Metcon: 4 rounds for time
completed in 21:18

  • 500m row
  • 12 DB deadlift 25lb DBs
  • 9 DB power clean 25lb DBs
  • 6 DB front squat 25lb DBs
  • 3 DB devil press 25lb DBs

Forgot to manually start the workout on the Fitbit and it didn’t detect a workout :salt: heart rate definitely averaged more than 104bpm…


Kettlebell circuit training. Lots of swings, clean & press, and squats. Started with heavier weights and backed it off a bit as things progressed.

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I wish! I need to track down a PT in the gym and ask them to monitor my workout and progress. A bitch and half if you ask me, but I value my health more than anything really.

Yeah, I found out that too. But that’s also a double edge sword because you might hurt yourself if you’re not careful enough with your movements.

That luckly has never been an issue for me. Maybe it’s a feature my body got the upgrade out of the box. Been dangling my body off of tree branches, door jambs and crossbars all my life. I usually give in to that dumbassery hahaha

You could also buy 2 inch thick super dense gym mat by the foot. The gym I go to laid down most of the floor near the barbells rack and it’s holding up great to idiots dropping weights for no reason.

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Nice, grip strength is one of those things I wish got more attention compared to the “mirror muscles”. Most everything we do as humans involves gripping things, but unless you’re a climber or a BJJ fanatic or something it rarely gets trained as its own thing.



Strength: Deadlift 135x4, 155x4, 5 sets of 185x4

Metcon: for time
Completed in 13:05

  • 400m run
  • 20 burpees to target
  • 400m run
  • 20 slam balls (30lbs)
  • 400m run


Strength: Bench Press then DB press
115x7, 50x10, 115x7, 50x10, 115x7, 50x10, 95x7, 50x10, 95x7, 50x10

Metcon: for time
Completed in 13:30

  • 60 single arm db snatch (25lb db)
  • 30 ring rows
  • 40 single arm db snatch (25lb db)
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 single arm db snatch (25lb db)
  • 10 burpees over the db

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I took a day off today.


Recovering from injury. It seems I needed a reminder where “sore” stops and “fuck fuck shit” begins.


Hope it heals up soon.

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I think this has to be recalibrated over age as well. I know I used to know the line between good sore and ‘crap, something happened’ but now it seems very blurry.



Warmup: 3 sets

  • 15 calories ski
  • 10 air squats
  • 5 inch worms

Metcon: for time
Completed in 11:17

  • 9 front squats (115lbs)
  • 9 bear crawl (25ft = 1 rep)
  • 15 front squats (95lbs)
  • 15 ring rows
  • 21 front squats (65lbs)
  • 21 push ups

I have to admit, I should have gone heavier on the squats. I didn’t feel like we had squatted much recently and was afraid of being real sore over the weekend. Not really sore at all… Oh well.