LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

3rd leg day down, I added some weight for sure. Hungry too.

A little hit and miss still, but still getting after it. :metal:

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I found bag mecca… and proceeded to wreck my shins. Switch kick was weak today…

IMO my quads are starting to fill in.

Camera was way off and did not show how red (and a big bump) my shins got

F#ck you shins, get wrecked (conditioned I mean)

Maybe some day…

Level -1 question…

… i hate exercise, also a workaholic, also have interspersed half-week long (4day/3day x 12h) oncall shifts every couple of weeks messing with my running habit forming.

… the initial lockdowns were awesome for me originally, picked up couch to 5k daily, got to 5k, but then stopped when it got too cold outside, this was 2 years ago and never picked it back up.

… any “easy” brain hacks?

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Hmmm, none I’ve done myself.

When I was younger, simply being consistent for a few weeks made it an addiction and it was self sustaining but I’ve felt that dwindle with age.

I think no easy hack is what makes Joko, David Goggins and the like popular. The whole “tuff sh#t, just do it” pep talk.

I’m trying to think of semi hacks I’ve heard of, things to help one be more consistent such as planning, structuring routines around a workout plan. For example “earning” your dinner- you can’t eat dinner unless you knock out that days excercise.

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Great vid of the pressures and unrealistic standards now on men’s looks.

In the woke’esphere it was a big topic how much pressure magazines and Hollywood was putting on females in regards to unrealistic looks. At the risk of triggering some, I dare say it’s worse for men. The Thor’s, men’s fitness mag covers, various YouTube ‘fitness booggers’ and social media clout chasers have brought the expectation level to insane heights.

This vid hits it pretty good

Life shortening hella strict diets, lifestyle altering workout regimens, pharmacology etc just to not look ‘meh’ at today’s expectations.

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A lot of people look at exercise as an extra thing that almost sort of operates on its own schedule outside of everything else that happens in your life. That’s why gyms are always packed in January and empty in June. If you’re super hyped about exercise that’s great, but it’s not going to last unless you make it easy to fit in your schedule. Maybe that means just making it a weekend thing, and then once you’ve got that down you can start thinking about where you’ve got an hour here or there during the week. Frequency is important, and yeah you’re going to leaving some of your gains on the table without training daily, but it’s better than not training at all.

If you’re just getting started, or just returning to a regular exercise schedule, then I’m going to say the routine is more important than the actual exercises that you’re doing. For someone untrained, the body is going to soak up adaptations in all the major areas of fitness almost regardless of whether it’s running, interval training, weight lifting or whatever it is you’re doing. It’s only later you’ve got to worry about optimizing for specific things.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that it’s not even close to being controversial that getting some physical activity during the day will help with your cognitive abilities also. If you’re a workaholic and spend all day doing thinky things instead of physical things, then getting some exercise will help with the thinky things also. That’s one of the main reasons that makes me want to leave the field of technology. I think it’s ridiculous that an entire industry full of people who spend all day figuring out how stuff works is constantly pushing people away from one of the best ways to get better at doing exactly that.


Kids, don’t forget to point your feet down/out when kicking… And I was just getting the hang of weak side

I don’t even know how to treat this, just trim off the dangling parts and keep clean?


Yeah pretty much. It’s just annoying to have the dangly bits catching on socks and stuff. Just clip off what you can, and keep it clean. A lot of gyms will get on your case if you’ve got longer nails anyway.

When I started with Judo one of the yellow belts there was like “you should take care of those, or one of the black or brown belts here is going to kick your ass”. :rofl:


I had just trimmed them, wasn’t log but a kick to a pad will rip whatever is there if you are a derp like me

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Oh, yeah, I see, so you jammed it.

Yeah that’s annoying.

And also the reason why people always get the “take your rings off” speech. Lots of horror stories around people forgetting to take their wedding rings off or something, and then having a similar thing happen. It’s all just levels of bad from there.

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My ankle hurts now too lol.

Yeah very embarrassing as the coach is pretty intense and I’m over there looking like a goober (horrible form) and then derping my toe into the pad.

I’ve lost 60lbs since May and hope to lose another 60lbs. I was a powerlifter in my youth which has turned out to be to worst thing I could have ever done to my body! My back is destroyed and now I’m struggling to lose weight because a lot of it is muscle. It’s pretty much assumed I will find my way into a wheel chair in the future. So right now I’m trying to lose weight to ease the stress on my back and easier for me to push myself in a wheel chair if and when that time comes!
So take it easy with the weights you only get one body in this life! I certainly promote low weight high rep!


I took a 3 day break and it is not being nice to my body. I can only do like 43 normal pushups, pause a few seconds in rest mode, go up to 51, drop dead, then do a plank for about 30 seconds.

Somehow, the muscles around my arms are getting bigger underneath, instead of on-top. So I assume I am only working the lower side muscles of my arms, which is to say the least probably not healthy. I might need some dumbbells or at least some buckets with water or something. Again, the goal is to be able to hold my whole body weight with one hand, so I could be able to climb stuff without my arms giving in.

Might want to try a different hand and elbow stance / location. I believe if you keep your elbows tucked close to the body really works the underside of the arm where a wide elbows out works more of the chest.

I don’t think I can do any wider elbow stance when doing the pushups, it’s almost 90 degrees angle when I get close to the floor.

There should be some good YouTube vids of pushup arm positions to better target certain muscle groups. I keep my arms along the side, no longer a wide stance and that made my triceps much bigger- it also inflamed my upper bicep tendon so…

If you are trying to up your climbing game do a good pull circuit (YouTube).

I don’t have this problem, how do I get this problem? Lol.

Most people have a hard time keeping muscle, even at maintenance cals and lack of activity yet alone with a cut/deficit.

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I don’t know, I see a lot of people complain about losing gains but that honestly isn’t the kind of loss I’m talking about. I experienced many times a loss of gains, get the flu and it feels like it took you back 6 months.
I was always told we never lose muscle and if we did it certainly wasn’t good for our health. I have gone through muscle wasting from nerve damage and the doctors would be concerned. On the BMI scale I’m supposed to be around 200lbs but the Dr’s say themselves that will never happen, at best 270lbs. I will always technically be obese!

I’m on a sauna research kick. I can’t shake the feeling there is something bad about infrared saunas. All the talk is they are the best thing since ever, better than all other types but I’m like “but radiation though …”

There are then reviews about EMF and cheap ones. I just want a good old fashioned element heated unit but infared has flooded the market.