LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

Ah I see. Yeah clean diets make a big difference.

For extreme athletes sometimes I think modern processed food is actually a godsend when they need ultra concentrated macros.

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Yeah, I mean you don’t want to give someone who’s just run a marathon sweet potatos and lentils. You want the “bad” stuff, because a quick increase in blood sugar is probably what they need.

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I have been turned into jelly.

Back on the path. :metal:

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I had some delayed onset soreness, it’s today my shins are telling me, “so you were kicking sh&t haw?”. Ankles seem to have already recovered from some kicks I derped and didn’t point the feet out.

Kudos to YouTube as I attribute all the vids I’ve been watching to having a good switch kick right out of the gate, surprising myself and my partner.

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Off to some stretches in hopes to someday undue this transverse humeral ligament (bicep) swelling/tendonitis then a run.

I swear this onset with a tare but MRI didn’t catch it. Stopping anything that exercises the bicep and shoulders except things to tighten up the backside to help counter the overly tight biceps. Six weeks will be a long time but fingers crossed the interwebz doesn’t lie and my body gets on with it.

Stuff the doc gave for bad days- it’s Motrin but topical…

That doesn’t seem to be any stronger that over the counter medications like Voltarin. I had prescription for 10% prior to knee replacements.

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Yeah like Motrin I think this could be bought off the shelf but it’s free via insurance via picked up at the pharmacy.

Only used it once so far, meh.

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Pre-fast, pre-keto weigh in about 1.5 weeks ago=196lbs. Today, 187lbs. Good start (and typical start as a lot of that is water weight) and expecting about 2lbs a week going forward.

Upgraded to package v114.


After the warmup and some kettlebell swings I decided to try the nickle and dime thing from Goggins. Yeah, it’s a butt kicker. :rofl:

I kinda like it though. Think I’m going to start doing more core workouts also. I haven’t done anything specifically targeted at my core for like a year now, so I think it’s time that go back in the rotation also.


I just started that today. Well, actually I didn’t, I tried doing straight out flat pushups.

I must say, the angled pushups don’t really translate well to flat ones. I can only manage about 58 when I’m fully rested. I can do about 130 at an angle. And I can do less an less in the same day, only managed 40 in a second go after about an hour of rest and it tanks me.

Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do 58 pushups if I wasn’t able to do 100+ angled ones. Also, breathing becomes a real problem with flat ones. Should get better in a week or two, but it really feels more strenuous.

Well, about a year ago around this time, I could manage to do about 30 flat pushups before being unable to hold / push myself. And when I first started doing angled pushups, I could only do about 30, I didn’t try doing flat ones, but I would bet I wouldn’t be able to hold up to 30.

And I’m no fatty, just that my arms are very weak, which is why I started doing pushups in the first place. I want to be able to hold my own body weight in 1 arm, in case I will ever need to climb anything.

You might want to try some pullups also. Get those lats engaged. They’re often used a lot during any “pulling down from the sky” kind of movement. The nickle and dime workout I mentioned is a good one. I did more of those this morning.

I often combine the pullups with some kettlebell swings not because they work the same muscle groups, but because one is a “pull down from sky” movement while the other is a “pick up off ground” movement. It’s good to have a balance between those two.

I probably should start going to a park around me and do some other calisthenics, I don’t have a bar (or anything that could realistically hold my body weight) around the house. Although I should have thought about this before the cold weather hit us.

WTF? Doing nothing upper body for over a week and now I have left tennis elbow. It’s like I got some condition/nutrition issue that is attacking tendons…

Got access to a dry sauna and imma hit it nearly daily. Day 1, 10 min and when I got out my elbow and shoulder had next to no pain for a while. It’s like the blood perfusion that happens totally takes the inflammation and then it returns as my perfusion goes down.

Could just be from repetitive stress? I dunno.

I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. :thinking:

I don’t usually get sore anymore, so I guess the nickel and dimes are doing their jobs.

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I’m still doing jabs twice a week but not on bags but pads. Feels like it’s just age allowing old wear and injuries to surface.

When I plateaued during my bro split days I wouldn’t get sore anymore. The advice I googled was to switch things up- I think I didn’t switch it up enough as I didn’t get past it.

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It’s not like “OMG WTF did I do?” levels of soreness. I could totally continue to train with it. Just something I noticed when getting up this morning.

I miss that subtle soreness feeling that meant one is probably going to add weight in the next session.

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Thought I’d share my favorite smoothie recipe here:

  • Signature select antioxidant blend berries ~200g
  • strawberries, frozen ~50g
  • orgain plant protein ~35g of protein, ~70g powder by weight
  • lemonade from concentrate ~14oz

All into a 24oz blender cup

If I’m working out after having one, I’ll reduce the protein by 30% or so because it’s too much for me to work out with.

To be clear, this isn’t the most healthy thing on the planet, nor is it keto friendly, but I really enjoy it. It’s not gruel, tastes great and really energizes me before/after a workout.


Getting a little sloppy with keto

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