Lutris: Linux Gaming Made Easy Apparently

I literally just discovered this like....... 5 minutes ago. So, this thing called Lutris is a games manager that has an online web base for native linux games, ScummVM, Wine! I just installed League of Legends and its running PERFECTLY FINE! I don't have to do it my hand anymore! Theres a config already made!

Other than being a replacement for steam and playonlinux and scummvm all at the same time, I know literally nothing about it. BUT, I am excited. I told myself I wouldn't play league again till I could play it reliably in linux.

I guess I'm playing league again.

I've never had much trouble with ScummVM and I don't mind using Steam. And don't mind just running DRM-free games directly.

However I tried Lutris as a frontend for Libretro... and Lutris leaves many configuration things where they aren't accessable.

I was also having issues with Retroarch not saving/loading configs properly (causing sporadic results), so at this point I pretty much hate Libretro and wish Vulkan-compatible emulators where stand-alone instead.

That's kinda a fail on Libretro/Retroarch's part, but Lutris not being a good GUI when the entire point of it is being a GUI is a big issue in itself. You can't even set BIOS files using Lutris IIRC. The setting just doesn't exist.

Well Lutris is just the same as playonlinux it seems. Its not an "I do everything" tool. I wouldn't feed it a PS2 ISO and expect it to work lol.

I don't expect it to do everything. I expect it to allow me to configure everything at least. The Lutris people know you can't input a BIOS file, they suggest using a BIOS-less emulator.

Configuration is sort of why I find the whole idea silly (particularly Libretro), I don't find any problem with needing to use+configure different emulators. Retroarch is a pain to use, let me use the mouse!

When Overwatch ran successfully under WINE for the first time a few months ago, it was easy to test it out yourself with Lutris. Awesome stuff being done with it!

interview from Hex DSL with lutris dev