Lunduke hour hosts RMS

Even though the show´s peak was @wendell ...but still interesting to see...


lets keep it real.


Am I the only one that finds Stallman annoying?


RMS is always a hoot!

Can't disagree with him about DRM, though. If that's a problem for the publishers, then as far as I'm concerned they can shove their assets right up their ... er ... assets. The big ISPs aren't going to upgrade their networks anyway, so we don't need all of this DRM infested pablum clogging up the Internet.


I'm not even going to watch the episode, I've seen past RMS interviews and I'm just sick of the guy's attitude.


This will be my first time viewing one of his interviews.

Lets see if i dont kill myself before its over.

I have a feeling i will tho.

The problem with RMS is that he is the complete opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to software. Any one in between (most people) would see him as a loony as well as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc who are on the other side. There is stuff to pull from their sides, but there is such a blind bias that its hard to take some of their beliefs.

I'm not much of a utopian thinker as RMS is, but there are snippets of wisdom by him that should be considered.


rms is almost unbearable to listen. it's kind of a shame.

Stallman makes sense, I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. He does make a crucial point that we allow big companies to violate our rights and force us into DRM. As a matter of fact, big companies are writing the legislation. Something is wrong with that on many levels, and we the people stand by idle


He didn't say anything tremendously new or surprising, but he didn't say anything bad either. I think this interview is useful as a way to get introduced to his point of view.


So I can't watch it in there unless I create an account ...ugh...

I did the same thing tried the archive thing and it needed an account. RMS said he hates anything that forces you to make an account to watch because it tracks you. DUH.

Better to use TOR and not be logged into youtube.

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i watched it yesterday a couple of minutes after publishing and i didnt need to make an account in, dunno.

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I listened to it earlier today while working and I'm glad they avoided some classic pitfalls like the Linux/GNU debate that Stallman often liked to get stuck in. Altogether I think it was a good talk, with Stallman kinda reminding the listener of how much we really put up with when it comes to for the most part casually accepting what corporations do to our rights with DRMs, EULAs, credit card registration, detailed usage tracking, and in other ways. Even one who is generally aware might do well to let oneself be reminded of just how far things are gone today. Especially as with recent legislation the negative developments are not likely to be slowing down any time soon.

One does not have to do everything the way Stallman does, just because you realise that no he's not wrong on any of this.

I wouldn't say it peaked with Wendel, He had so many guests on there since then like Stewart Cheffet and Jono Bacon.

I enjoy watching videos with RMS in them however the problem with RMS is that he won't let the other person talk. It gets to a point where it sounds like Priest preaching his rhetoric.

i find him cringey as fuck, and it goes to show that attitude can quite easily obliterate whatever wisdom you might have.

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Me too.

Kind of sort of off topic but also kind of sort of on topic. It's about RMS anyway...

It is a joke....

I do not see how bad personal hygene deminishes the importance what what he is talking about or the way he argues about them...

It is small minded of us to reject ideas not on the basis of arguments but on not liking ones style or attidute. Peristent people always tend to be annoying and even come out as arrogant. But it is equally arrogant on our side to reject on ideas just of the basis of finding a person wierd according to our standards.