Lumia 1020

Soooo I got the lumia 1020 as a replacement after my 8x got caught in a reboot loop. So far so good, I'm a beginner when it comes to camera stuff but overall picture quality seems pretty good

Link to original image:

Just to kinda prove how awesome that is, you can start to see the individual pixels on the screen.  Upload a non compressed version!

look in the link

That is only 3655x2063 image.  Not 41 megapixels.  A single 41 megapixel image will be about 10MB in size, not 600KB.  Maybe you was using it in 12MP mode or something.

Aren't they going to cut support on Windows phone in 2014, atleast that is what I have read online..... It seems Microsoft is shutting down everything now a days.

Hmm it seems imgur won't let me upload a jpeg thats bigger than 10mb so here's a link to my skydrive (had to take a 2nd pic since first didnt seem to be right). The phone doesn't seem take a full 41mp shot. It takes one shot in 5mp and a second in 34mp if in portrait mode and I thought it was they were going to cut support for wp 8 in 2014 to release wp 9 but this time wp8 phones could upgrade to 9.

It really is a great camera.  Thank you for uploading that.  (and to get the 41 MP mode you have to do it in a 4:3 mode)  You should really watch some of the videos WindowsPhone has put out.