Lucas Arts = Gone

Enough said. In my opinion, this is a very sad thing. I loved where the publishing company and game developers went at Lucas Arts. (Most notable Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

I don't know about you, but Star Wars 1313 would have added a different look to the star wars realm and it looked like a game with potential.

What are your thoughts and comments?




out of respect for the departed.

suprise suprise..... hate disney always have, always will

I'm very excited. A lot of the games to come out of Lucasarts were less than stellar. I remember the QUALITY games that came out of Lucasarts in the 90's and 2000's (Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Tie Fighter series, X-wing series, EAW, etc), but found that SWTOR to be a disaster. Disney has both the capital and drive for success to hopefully make this work. I think they've managed the "Marvel" brand fairly well, I trust Disney more than I trust Lucas (JarJar, hello?)

It's a shame when a company like Lucasarts descends into mediocrity and fails. I had a lot of fun playing Battlefront on the ps2.

managed the marvel brand well? no just no

In protest I bought Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy and Jedi Knight II: Outcast.


Already own Kotor and kotor 2 (with widescreen and restored content <3) but they don't work with my 120hz screen, they just crash :(

They also canceled the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show.  I hear they were actually in the middle of some plot arcs and were already hinting at one or two for season six, then Disney comes in and kills everything good left about Star Wars and leaves us with the excuse of "Needed to use funding for Star Wars VII"  Whether that'll be good is TBD.

The Clone Wars axed? fuck you disney! :@