LTC just sky rocketed!

Friendly notice to anyone browsing the forums that has money in LTC, The chart just went up past $3.60.

Check it out at

God dammit, I wanted to buy it when it was 2.8 but the stinking hoops you gotta jump through are ridiculous! Ughhh... I want it to crash lol

Is it still worth even purchasing it with it this high? I mean I hear LTC will only hit like 10, I mean I guess for the long hall when the ASICs come and BTC miners go to LTC it will get to half of BTC value

Yeah I was trying to get about 100 dollars into it a week ago but all those damn hoops. Now I'm left throughing 18 dollars at it for now. But yes, I think this is a long term investment. All the GPU miners are going to switch over to mining LTC when the BFLs ASIC machines really start hitting the market.

Oh and I'm pretty sure LTC skyrocketed all the sudden because Mt.Gox posted on their twitter about it coming to their website really soon.

Im now trying to figure out how to sell my litecoins and put them in my paypal... and im clueless, i know MT. Gox doesent support paypal, anyone know how i could sell my LTC to USD and then transfer them into my paypal ?


Best bet is do what I did, use to grab some BTC when it gets cheap as it has been dipping a lot lately, then wait til the LTC/BTC rate is favorable to inc. your LTC more than a straight up USD/LTC purchase would be and trade for some LTC on BTC-e.  But that's just playing the market to get more coins.  Otherwise its easier to just buy LTC from humans. 

to sell or not to sell. that is the question.

Fucking Dwolla, fuck you! you're slowing down my get rich quick scheme!


When will you be adding Litecoin (LTC) to Mt. Gox?
Soon. We were planning on doing so two weeks ago, but events derailed that plan. Right
now we are focused on overall stability of the exchange, and will launch LTC when we are
ready. Otherwise we could be further complicating things.


GOOD! Oh the relief! The more time the better. STILL waiting for my federal tax return and Dwolla takes ages to take money from my bank account. Hopefully it drops again once I get my shit together then right after I buy Mt.Gox opens up. Ideal situation, we'll see how it works out. BIG MONEY NO WAMMYS!

Any idea how many days it takes for your bank to send money to Dwolla ? Also then Dwolla to Mt. Gox, Im still on the bank verification process and it's annoying cause Mt. Gox doesnt even have me verified, I still have like 3 more days (cause I made my account last thursday) now granted I still havent sent in a copy of proof of residency but still! TAKE MY MONEY! lol

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about and how slow it is. However, I've also heard how great it is. What's your opinion? Also, have you tried mtgox -> paypal because that's what I'm going to be doing when LTC is on mtgox. :p

I just got an Mt. Gox acc and i cant see anything for paypal, only bank and bitcoin transfers and the like, im still trying to figure out how to get LTC>paypal

Go to, they go from mtgox -> paypal 

ERRR, I think you're going to need that proof of residency. I luckly had the internet bill in my name, even though my parents currently pay for it. For Dwolla to take money out of your bank it said it would take about 3-4 business days. Made a small transfer last night, won't be done till tuesday. That is absolutely too long. Not sure if my verification went through with Mt.Gox yet, though I'm not sure you need to be verified on Mt.Gox to put money in there from Dwolla.

wait how can you go from Mt Gox to paypal? does it for you

I went to sleep when the spike happened, did it just tank right back down while I was asleep? The graph on BTC-e isn't that good.

No it's still spiking, slowly dropping, then spiking. Cause of them announcing that LTC would be coming to Mt. Gox but it was delayed cause of issues, hopefully everyone sells at that 4 dollar peak and it brings it back down. And I am pretty sure, go double check on Mt. Gox but I am almost positive it said you need to be verified on Mt Gox to send money from Dwolla to your account. I'm still waiting for Dwolla to deposit some pennies in my bank account to verify it, then again I just signed up for it yesterday..... As far as Mt Gox verification, I am just going to photoshop my name on one of the bills here.