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LTB LGA 1155 motherboard suitable for gaming


Obtained an i3 2120 and gtx 660 for $60. I know 1155 boards are insane right now but anyone have a good lead or trick for buying one on the cheap?


Sandy bridge is pretty old… What’s the price range you’re in/up for?


not much, $25-$35 US which I know is a bit fantasy but that’s all I’m good for at the moment. I might just throw the CPU up on Ebay and see what happens. I’ll drop a link here (if that’s permitted) for anyone who’s interested.


Try eBay. Anyone asking more than that for a board that old is crazy to me. I just bought a fucking Z270 board with a 128GB SSD, 850W Gold SeaSonic PSU, Celeron, 6 x4 to x16 PCIe risers, Win10 already installed, and 4GB DDR4 for $300 total off craigslist… If I can get all that gear for that price you should be able to find a decent board if you look often enough


ivy bridge will be ok for you. look at old business machines like the HP pro 3500 mt as a donor


Would a business class motherboard make sense for gaming though?


Why would it not? The don’t really have less features than a normal consumer chipset.

Hell, I gamed on a Xeon with a C-series chipset for years without a problem.


Any luck, or still looking for recommendations?


I had just assumed because business class isn’t aimed towards gaming/in mind.


Not sure if I should post it here or in a PM, but I have an MSI B75M-E33 that I could send you for like $20, say. Do you have a cooler for the CPU?


that looks perfect. I’ll PM you about it.


cant see any reason why a business class product would be worse in any way regarding long sustained use than a gaming product