LPT: Pay cash at restaurants. Zoosk table systems overcharge

This is about the 4th time it has happened to me. It's driving me crazy and this time I'm going to call about it.

I leave a generous tip on the table, and then tip 0% on my card, because that's where the bill is going.

They still charge an extra 15% on your card and take the money anyway. This happened at olive garden. I set down $10 on the table, charged me $10 on my card.

This happened at Texas Roadhouse, except this time they took $40, because I left a $20 tip and was charged $20 by percentage.

It's one giant scam... just pay with cash at these restaurants.

Zoosk is a dating site. Ziosk is is the table system.


He's dating his table top payment system. Aw

Seriously though that's lame... This is why whenever I pay with a card I cross out the tip line before signing. Never used one of those table top things though


Wow, that's quite ridiculous, what if you get shit service and don't want to leave a tip anyway?
Americas funny when it comes to tipping.

I'm glad we don't have 'tipping' in Australia, though some eateries are trying their best to copy the practice.

The American wage-system or system of remuneration definitely allows tipping to occur (low service-wages from my interpretation)

If 'tipping' was widespread in Australia we'd have a GST (a tax) on top of the 'tipping-fee', and more likely a GST applied to the 'tip' (which in total, would make for an expensive meal, and night out)

If they are going to do that just build it into the cost of the food.

However is they seriously fuck up serving you not tipping is a good option.

The other day we went to a Denny's for my mom's birthday.(they offer a free meal for birthdays) They took forever to get us our drinks, my sisters food was late, and messed up splitting the bill 2 ways. They just fumbled for 5 minuets before somebody came and solved the problem immediately.

Almost never the case. Restaurants often pay over minimum and still allow tips. The only exceptions I know of are in areas of inflated income (i.e. airports, stadiums, etc) where employees are paid (often) significantly more. Those locations will divide 5% - 15% of cash profits out as "tips earned" but will not allow tipping to individual employees. Their prices are inflated to balance out this cut.

As a result, waiting for a company such as Denny's can be extremely lucrative work if you can keep a smile on your face and not screw up. Where I live that's an $11/hr wage, $3.75 over federal minimum, plus tips.

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Interesting comparison: that would be $15.30 per-hour in Aussie dollars, and $5.21 ($3.75) over the your minimum wage in our country.

Appreciate the feedback :)

Dined-out at my local RSL Club for an Xmas Party for my local community-group, and the buffet meal cost was $12.50 or $9 in American dollars (and no tipping lol)

If the 15% tip was applied that meal would cost $10.35 USD or from an Aussie price of $12.50 the cost would be $14.38

Though I live in England, I have been to America and also over here we tip.... But being charged $20 ontop of a $20 tip is outrageous!!!! O.o

I remember going to a restaurant here in England with [my then] girlfriend and some of her friends. When it came to ordering dessert, there was several screwups! One of which was a chesse cake that was [still] frozen!!!

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