Lowering temps in skyrim for laptop?

i have a radeon 7730m and a i5-3210m processor, it's kinda low speced, but i still managed to play skyrim for the lowest settings, heck, i even turned off anti-aliasing!

it can play on high, but in 30mins, the laptop over heats

when i normally play, it usally takes about 15-35 mins to heat up to 85 C and stays there, and for my CPU it's kinda more of 95 C

so i would like to know if there is any way to lower the temps for my laptop can lower it somehow, through mods?

Be sure all your vents are clean and free of dust or aren't blocked by anything the laptop may be sitting on. Be sure there is plenty of space around the laptop so it can breathe. 

They also sell pads with fans on them that can help keep it cool. 

I had an old Toshiba that would over heat. I had a box fan and just sat it on that when i used it. Worked fine lol although a bit impractical 

lol setting your laptop on a box fan, thats brilliant. I agree though, get a laptop cooling station to set it on, it really helps reinforce the airflow by 1. give the laptop room to breath, and 2. forcing air into the cooling intakes that are usually on the bottom of laptops that generally have heat issues.

Your laptop might just have a crappy cooling design. The best you can do would be to try and feed it as much fresh/cool air as possible. This could include propping it up, using an external fan, or even taking off the bottom panel during use.

If you are trying to game on a hot day, then I am sorry. Maybe you could put some ice near the intake vents? Just be careful with the moisture.

If you are really ambitious you could take apart your laptop to replace the factory thermal paste with a more premium aftermarket solution. It may help by a couple degrees.