Lower than stock cache ratio

I have an i7 4790k, with the base frequency being 4GHz, the cache ratio at stock frequency would be 4, where as with the i7 4770k, the cache ratio at stock would frequency would be 3.5. Is it alright to lower the cache ratio below the stock setting, such as 3.5, if it means a higher overclock?

That would be underclocking, and it won't hurt any CPU. Although if I may ask why do you want to underclock such an amazing CPU?

Uncore/cache ratio, not the actual frequency of the processor. Right now I managed to boot at 4.7GHz with a 3.5 cache ratio at 1.325v. Basically I was getting some instability with the stock cache ratio of 4. I was just wondering if it was alright to set the cache ratio lower than the stock setting, the stock setting being 4 for the 4790k.

I edited my post because it was a bit vague.